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APNU is dedicated to the youth of Guyana.
The APNU team, led by our Presidential Candidate David Granger, is commited to invest Guyana's resources to ensure our youths can have a bright future

APNU Objectives

  • Deploy WHO certified pre-natal healthcare
  • Implement a world-class pre-school, kindergarten, primary and secondary schools
  • Engineer a network of vocational + trade schools and universities
  • Implement Internship and apprenticeship Programs with both Private and Public sectors
  • Design after-school sports and recreation activities
  • Install Mentoring
  • Support Hinterland Youth Program
  • Start Children Nutrition program in schools
  • Ensure a safe environment for youth
  • Deploy internet access and computer libraries nationwide
  • Free transport for children to go to school
  • Free textbooks for school children from kindergarden to high school
  • Imprement programs for students with special talents (sports, acedemics, or vocational)
  • Provide hostel facilities for students who are away from home
  • Drastically improve Guyana’s economy and civil society status to ensure the future for Guyana’s youth




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