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Aug 26 in press Releases 0 Comments

debra blackmanA Partnership for National Unity (APNU) youth representatives note with grave alarm the continued senseless violence; especially gun-violence that has become the norm in Guyana. It is obvious by the lack of a credible plan of action that the People's Progressive Party/Civic Administration is incapable or disinterested in finding a solution to this problem.

     Since the commencement of the year, 2014, Guyanese have recognised and continue to endure high levels of criminal activities perpetuated on their fellow brothers and sisters, which in most cases lead to innocent lives being lost.

     Last Saturday 23rd August 2014, Debra Blackman a mother of five was fatally shot at her place of employment, “Delicious Restaurant” on Durban Street. What was most ironic, (after the incident), her employers closed the restaurant door making it impossible for civic-minded persons to render assistance to the wounded woman. Rather, she was left lying on the floor of the restaurant for over an hour until the arrival of members of the Guyana Police Force.

During the month of August 2014, several persons lost their loved ones by gun wielding bandits. The vehicle of choice for these criminal seems to be “CG Motorcycles”. In the past two weeks the following gun crimes were committed:

  • Mark London of Grove, East Bank Demerara, who was making his way to work was fatally shot by bandits.
  • Marvin Cumbermack, who was making his way home after visiting relatives in Sophia was accosted by a lone gunman, he was shot dead and his motorcycle stolen by his assailant.
  • Businessman Ashok Raghu was fatally wounded in broad daylight and reportedly robbed of $4 million dollars. These are just a few of the reported cases.

APNU Youth Representatives are of the view that emphasis on the increase in gun crimes is not given priority by the Minister responsible for public safety and security, Mr Clement Rohee. This Minister remains mute on this issue, however what is quite noticeable is that the Minister is now meddling in the affairs of GECOM, rather than seeking ways to the improve the crime fighting capability of the Guyana Police Force and in the process ensuring that the citizens of Guyana are safe and secure in their homes, communities and, by extension, the nation.

In the PPP/C 2011 Manifesto, under “Security”, Guyanese were given assurance that once the PPP/C returns to office - “Emphasis will be placed on Community Security by increasing the creation of Community Policing groups, neighbourhood Police personnel and more police patrolling”. The PPP/C has failed miserably in this regard.

Therefore, since the PPP/C Government has failed miserably in ensuring that citizens lives are secured, APNU Youth representatives are calling on citizens to take back their communities from the criminals who continue to drive fear in the lives of others. The time has come for each and every one of us to be our brothers and sisters keeper. The time has come for persons to speak out once they are aware of criminal elements being protected by others in the communities. As citizens we must act now to save our communities and save live. We have lost all confidence in the PPP/C administration to keep us safe.

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